GameStop shares soar as Roaring Kitty’s YouTube channel mysteriously updates

GameStop meme stock trader Roaring Kitty (aka Keith Gill) first returned to Twitter in May after an absence of three years, and subsequently made his first new Reddit posts this week amid the latest resurgence of GME frenzy. Now there’s a hint he may be bringing back his infamous YouTube streams as GameStop stock continues to rise.

GME shares are up 9% on the day, gradually rising to a current price of around $34.25. GameStop closed at a price of $31.57 on Wednesday and has taken its five-day gain to 49% at the time of writing.

Stocks in the video game retailer Started climbing again this week after Roaring Kitty — whose posts and livestreams helped spark the meme stock trading frenzy and the GameStop short squeeze in 2021 — tweeted after two weeks of inactivity. A bigger price increase came in May following the influencer’s brief return to Twitter.

Now that Roaring Kitty is back on Reddit, where he announces his significant holdings of GameStop stock and options, will he complete the comeback on YouTube?

Traders expect just that after the apparent activity in Roaring Kitty’s long-dormant account on Thursday. His old live stream playlist has been updated with a new and apparently still under wraps video, suggesting Gill may be preparing a return to the platform.

It’s just a guess for now, but speculation about Roaring Kitty’s actions has fueled trading speculation surrounding GameStop in the past. Then again, it could turn out to be nothing; an administrative move that industry observers have extrapolated into something more.

“This has a chance to be the best Rickroll ever,” tweeted writer and podcaster Trung Phan on this issue.

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